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The Shiny Surface is reflecting beauty, health and cleanliness. Zurechem Automotive, Wood & Acrylic polishes contain the secret to make your surface shiny, clean and smooth with a significant glowing reflection.

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The strength of our protection chemicals lies in our in-depth knowledge of materials and their production processes, we constantly test and analyze to enhance your experience even further.

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Mold Release

Knowing your industrial needs and how time, cost & quality are affected directly into your sales process, is our main base to create & develop what you need. Zurechem creates a bunch of mold release products, Works with 6 different types of molds to help you to save time & money and get the desired quality.

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Crafting & Creation

Whether you’re at an office, school, or home, Zurechem has all your crafting & creation needs covered, From general stationery items such as paper and pens to scattering supplies; making sure you’re ready for any event.

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Being one of the leaders in the industry of adhesives and producing them for industrial and non-industrial applications, our materials are guaranteed to stick together cement, glass, plastics, wood, even stuff the smallest stuff.

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Special Paint

Zurechem provides a range of high quality protective paints to curate and secure your needs from the various weather factors such as heat, rain and sun. While adding our beauty appearance to your properties.

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Fine Art

We provide all the equipment you need and a fine arts experience that is memorable. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or you’ve never touched a paintbrush, what you can create with Zurechem’s mat will amaze you.

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