Latest Technology

Speed and perfection were our goals in Samuraii’s latest technology, the Samuraii Cutting Compound. Which was created to deliver durable protection using high-end substances to keep your auto vehicle’s gloss and shine everlasting.

Samuraii Cutting Compound

The advanced compound delivers superior results faster and easier than traditional cutting compounds, Coming in both forms; liquid and paste, it is also capable of creating a high-end gloss, with a lubrication system and low dust technology that guarantees a rapid result in less time as it is effortlessly capable of removing P1500 sanding marks, scratches, as well as finer abrasive marks quickly and easily.

Samuraii for your car

Samuraii’s compound products come in various sizes with the same consistency you can count on. Maintaining a consistent cut from start to finish for ultimate control and the best results.

Samuraii Compound

750 ml

Samuraii Compound

1000 ml

Samuraii Compound

250 ml

Samuraii Compound

500 ml

Samuraii Compound

150 ml

Order your Samuraii

Looking to put an end to the scratches on your car for good? Combine Samuraii’s Cutting Compound with Samuraii’s Finish Product for a reliable, great result. It’s exactly what you need to transform a rusty vehicle into a flawless one!

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