ZURECHEM ® is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals operating with many business areas : Textile industry chemicals, Adhesives, Industrial uses, Polishes & waxes, Fine art, Emulsion Polymer resins, Pigment & concentrated colorants , and Coatings. Our manufacturing process is %100 automated. Our products are distributed via our agents / distributers to numerous local areas in Egypt.



Mold Release

Special Paint

Fine Arts



Our consistent production quality and full customer satisfaction approach have been our major tools in achieving our successful business results.

ISO 9001 procedures are applied for all stages of order-processing, raw-material stocking, production, technical service and shipment processes for full customer satisfaction.

Our R&D department continues to develop new and better products for the industries we serve.

ZURECHEM ® was founded in 2014 to be one of the largest Egyptian chemical companies at its fields, it continues its investments on capacity – growth and additional engineers for technical service and product design, reaching out to different sectors with new products.

Having one of the biggest production facilities in Egypt, our manufacturing process is fully automated. This facilitates the implementation of environmental, human health and industrial safety rules & regulations.

By adopting creative methods that will promote Zurechem’s innovative solutions, Our mission is to empower and induce consumers and businesses to make small conscious changes to reduce the environmental effect on their products and goods by using Zurechem solutions.

Our vision is to be classified as an industry leader in the distribution and manufacturing of chemical solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our Chairman
Dr. Ali ghaly

Dr. Aly Ghaly, CEO of Zurechem Solutions, and also having founded MIDO coatings in 1979, which brings more than 30 years of experience in industrial and high-quality paints and coating products, Dr. Aly aspires to establish Zurechem as the figurehead in chemical solutions and products, always working to expand into new markets and apply his expertise and acumen to aid various industries.